Lynda Stanton

Life Coach Lynda 

Life Coach Lynda

Lynda, born and grew up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) 1962, schooling and studying there. It was a true privilege to grow up there.

Lynda became a Mum very young and navigated single parenting from the age of 19. Lynda deeply valued the experience of becoming a Mum. In her words _it is a true privilege to be a parent, not everyone is blessed with the gift of parenting. Lynda acknowledges that becoming a Mum changed her, transformed her, and was a significant foundation for who she has become. To Parent is a Privilege

Now a Mother of 4 amazing children, and 5 incredible grandchildren after marrying twice and divorcing twice, Lynda has now spent the last 30 years invested in personal development, unpacking old conditioning, FINDING HER TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF. Studying energy, expanding her consciousness, upskilling herself and her life, while being contently single and immersed in her passion, Whole Body Health! Lynda also has a flare for art, and paints colourful acrylic abstract art, she is also a writer, primarily on her blogs, however her dream is to start sharing all she knows through books, workshops and retreats.

In 2005 Lynda started her journey as a Sports and functional deep tissue massage therapist at a mature age, within no time she was fully booked and still today has clients that she has been supporting for 18 years plus. She went on to study in depth Personal Life Coaching, NLP, Timeline paradigm techniques, Hypnotherapy (which Lynda now goes deeper into the guided meditation journey technique)

Life Coach Lynda” was born. Lynda has enjoyed complementing her client sessions with mental, emotional and spiritual support alongside her full body therapy, coupling the journey with personalise professionally supported “Detox & Cleansing Programs”.

Lynda does One on One personal coaching, knitted intimately into “What you consume you are”. This is done online as well as in person and groups within retreats. Her unique and nutrient dense health food product ranges are extensively used within her “Whole Body Health” programs. Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, Vegan2Go and Herbal tea bliss, as the products for the detox and cleansing protocol.

Life Coach Lynda is passionate about “Whole Body Health and Vitality inside and out” with her knowledge on GUT HEALTH which is the centre of all you are. She has the ability to sincerely and sustainably assist you to achieve your Whole Body Health Goals.

Lynda immersed herself in international online study of nutrition under many different avenues of diet and lifestyle. She ended up resonating deeply with a dominant plant based – vegan way of living.

Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, Vegan2Go are all produced and prepared in a very unique way, in our small batch, specialist production facility in Linden Randburg.

Very successfully balancing Nutritious and Delicious. Juice4Joy is 90% vegetable, strategic herbs, spices and superfoods, Soup4Soul Vegan no filler & flours, as well as complimented with GUT Building pre & probiotics, focused on GUT HEALTH and organ function and health. Lynda originally developed the range only for her One on One clients, taking a “Whole Body Wealth” journey with her. The news soon got out, Juice4Joy & Soup4Soul found themself on the shelves of very selects outlets. Jacksons Real Food Market is our primary outlet. We are now available online with Green Butler as well as Munching Mongoose & Virgin City Fields, Gather Grocer Rosebank.

Soup4Soul was born approximately 2 years after Juice4Joy. Using a similar very unique method of preparation, we created a significant range of incredibly healthy vegan soups, packed with amazing ingredients. The soups are not “Just” soups they are able to be pasta sauces, steak sauces, etc (although we sincerely encourage minimal animal consumption). We encourage our clients to freshly prepare animal protein if required and desired and add it to any of our soups. The same with pasta sauces, freshly prepare whatever you would like to chunk up your “Soup4Soul” and pour it over some freshly made pasta (hopefully you choose gluten free ;))

We have now celebrated 9 years of both these amazing brands of health food that we produce with loads of love and pride. And know that at the centre of all we do “We have your health at heart”. All bottled in glass, which I must add complements the shelf life of all we offer you.

Life Coach Lynda uses all her product ranges to support her Coaching, health and vitality programs. Believing that the KEY to “Whole Body Health and Vitality” is what you consume on all levels. Specialising in Juice Detox and Cleansing programs, as well as Nutritional lifestyle coaching and support.

Enjoying now 18 plus years in her beautiful business Evolved Mind and Body Worx, which is the Mother Company to all her complimentary brands.

Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, Life Coach Lynda, Whole Body Worx, Vegan2Go…

Lynda’s vision and goal is to guide & supports all drawn to work with her, into a true, respectful, empowering, healthy, vibrant, loving, kind, and abundant relationship with themselves and their world.