Life Coach Lynda

Born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia 1962) I was privileged to grow up with immense freedom, to run and play, adventure and sincere sense of community.

One of 5 siblings I experienced myself as the “odd one out”… third child of 5. Our family was a good family, my Mother was a young mother, a beautiful courageous woman, who had her first child at 16 years old. In those days it was the proper thing to do – to marry! My Mum lived her years of marriage almost from inception within severe difficulty and challenge. Never really knowing her true value and worth.

My parents divorced after 16 years of marriage and my father married again. We grew to love our step mother as our “other mother” over the next 30 years. My Mother and Step Mother became close friends, and were till they died in the same year on the same farm where they had lived for 6 years. You see my father still made sure my Mum was taken care of, and I am deeply grateful for that.

At the age of 19 I myself became a mother, and I share here that it was such a blessing in my life. For the first time in my life, I had this beautiful being who chose me to be his Mum, needed me and was close to me, my son continues to be gently and sincerely attentive and caring, even though he is in the UK.

The death of my parents was very traumatic and loosing them all in the same year absolutely tore our family apart. I didn’t just lose my parents all at the same time, I lost my whole family.

There is nothing like death to SHOW the truth of a family. Our truth was dark and devastating. Our sibling connection was shattered, however what was revealed was that there was never a significant connection anyway, I did come to understand this reality more as I chose to study, and heal my own life and self from deep within.

How does this bring me to Life Coach Lynda… well my search for connection and love brought me to this place. You see I searched for this everywhere. Some places not so healthy and other places were within religion. I learned however that the most significant and sustainable love and connection is found within me, for me, by me…

Your relationship with yourself, is the beginning of everything. I believe what I call God, is CREATION responsible for creating everything. We have life because of creation, however deeper than that for me was this journey inward to realise, my own very important place and responsibility for my own evolution into my divine destiny. My destiny to help others. I believe that our journey is what gives to us the wisdom to help others.

When you have owned your journey, embraced your story, adjusted your belief to more serve your current time, and empowered yourself in your life, you are very ready to support others and facilitate, encourage and hold space for those READY to find themselves.

Our stories, and journeys may have been messy however it is “Your mess that can become your significant your message” We all have a mess, and we all have a valuable message.

Sixty Graceful Beautiful Years I have been ALIVE, blessed with 4 children, 5 Grandchildren, meaningful long term friendships, family, successful businesses that are making a difference in many many lives. I truly feel I am contributing in a significant way to creating daily a healthier better world for me and others.

That is why I Do and Be who I am…

If you would like to work with me closely to achieve “Whole Body Health”, reach out to me at

I am available to work with you online anywhere in the world.

Stay Blessed

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