Life Coach Lynda

Lynda Stanton - Life Coach Lynda
South Africa now my home for 40 years. I love South Africa and it has blessed me with such substance in Family, work and play.

I do what I do and be what I be because I believe in it with my whole heart. There is no peace, when within you is chaos, and chaos is created within you first and then becomes manifest in your external world.
Peace is created by all your choices, based on what you choose to consume. LifeCoachLynda is an expert in her field of supporting this way of living as a lifestyle. When you do master this on any level your life and the quality of your life changes long term. That is we all want surely. Surely we do not want to continue to create our own suffering from the inner chaos that we choose to live with?

Qualifying with her coaching theory in 2010, Lynda slow integrated the coaching, the listening, the conscious communication with her clients when doing full body massage treatment. The results have been incredible, subtle yet powerful.

LifeCoachLynda will be privileged with work with you.
Start creating your peaceful, inpurpose, life now...