Master This …

Master this…this year and change your year probably your life!

I really want this year to be your “Best Year Yet.” 

This needs to start with “changing your relationship with yourself”. Please don’t delay start TODAY!

The key to this change is Kindness…

Yes you heard me right…Kindness toward yourself first and foremost.

We find it easier to be kind to others, than to ourselves. It is that conditioning from way back that – to focus on yourself, to love yourself, to be kind to yourself and think of yourself first is SELFISH! Well it actually is unhelpful, and that old conditioning is not working for you…or others around you either. 

You see if you cannot be truly kind and loving to yourself then how do you actually know “what true kindness and loving is that you are giving to others”? I believe that in order to authentically give to others love and kindness, we need to know it through experiencing it for ourselves. 

Do you get what I am saying? 

The Bible for instance says “Love thy neighbour as yourself”. Shew maybe that is why mostly we are not so “neighbourly!” What do you think…

The healthiest thing for us is to know ourselves and love ourselves, it is important, it is imperative for our future health & happiness. As a result of my own experience through my Life Coaching practice, I have noticed my clients lives change drastically through this one yet most important relationship – your relationship with YOU!

We often do this act of kindness and encouragement for others and yes it does make us feel good too…however doing it with yourself for yourself in the mirror every morning before you start your day…will change your day!

I challenge you to start NOW…High Five yourself in the mirror, say something quirky and kind and enthusiastic, have a giggle at yourself. Go on … DO it! Let me know how you go…

If you want to change this and need some help, reach out to me, I will support your change, through facilitation, conversation, and awakening you to you. 

I have been coaching amazing people for years and I love it… I support my own journey through listening, learning, practicing, I just don’t know HOW people do life without doing life with themselves first…

I listen to a love Mel Robins, she has an amazing podcast here is the link

Follow her, listen, learn, and take action around Your relationship with yourself. Let me know how you go, I would really love to hear!

I love you and I believe in you.

Life Coach Lynda