We come and then we go...
We live and we die...
In between your creation
and your completion 
Is opportunity to fulfil
your potential
contribute into 
our world 
and leave your love 
when you go.  
We need not go this 
So open yourself 
to the help
That is here
Make each 
creation and completion 
Life Coach Lynda

What is a Birth Doula?
A doula is a professional labor assistant who provides physical and emotional support to you and your partner during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. For instance, a doula might offer: A professional Doula can support you right up front when you ae thinking of conceiving right through to after baby is born and beyond, to navigate the gift of parenting.

Attention to physical comfort during pregnancy, labour and post birth is done through techniques such as touch and massage and assistance with breathing. Life Coach Lynda is also experienced in mindfulness, meditation, as well as life and relationship skills.
Having enjoyed 20 years plus within the wellness industry, massage, health and life coaching, Lynda is equip to assist you to create from a clean and vibrant body and lifestyle.

It cost nothing to meet with Lynda, and from there you will feel if you would like her to work with you from conception to creation and beyond.