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The following programs are available:

Whole Body Health: Health is not “Parts of you” it involves The Whole of You. When you invest in your health it must be the whole of you that you want to heal. This cannot be achieved if you are looking for an isolated quick fix. It is a journey and requires deep and bold commitment.

Your Whole Body Health journey would look like this: An initial One on One session, to establish where you are currently at with your self and your health. Some background history is necessary as well as some health history. We would then together map out a way forward that is best to serve you achieving Your Desired Whole Body Health.

Elements of this journey will incorporated, regular full body massage therapy, Conversation sessions, energy healing sessions, nutritional plan as well as products. Detox program, and lifestyle program supplying weekly in order to support long term change.

Product ranges: Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, Vegan2Go, Smoothie2Go, Fresh Spirulina.

This is an incredible journey to Give To Yourself, 6 month and we month options only.

Life Coaching; This journey is deeply intimate, One on One sessions Focused on you. Where are you at? What do you want? Who are you? Confidence? Clarity of direction and purpose? Career, Work place issues, trauma, abuse, grief, loss, divorce, marriage, parenting. These all make up the maize that lies within us, and all we need is a place of safety and confidentiality, where we are able to unpack it ALL, discard that which no longer serves us, rebuild a belief system that serves our greater unexplored potential. 6 month and 12 month programs available.

What do you feel ready to work on? Bring it with you and let’s journey it together?

Wishes2Life program; oh my this program is so cool…this is for everyone. We all have a dream, we may be dreaming it, yet we are blocked and unable to manifest our dream, or we are not dreaming consciously to create our dreams. Dream Big, however dreams without actions are just ideas…Let Life Coach Lynda take you on a journey of manifestation? The world needs your success…the world needs YOU. You have a unique gift, do you know what it is? let’s find out, and bring it to life.

This journey has a few really cool elements, a 21 day program that comes with a “Wishes2Life treasures box” along with a A4 could and create book, which supports the process of manifestation.

21 Days of dreaming that will manifest for you (and you can keep the program and do it yourself at home over and over again – Or work with Life Coach Lynda on your next BIG DREAM manifestation journey :))

Detox and cleansing programs for general wellbeing, weight loss, health issues. Personalised programs designed post a One on One session. We do Juice4Joy Detox and Cleansing programs: Soup4Soul Detox and Cleansing programs.

Change Coaching: This is a big one…most people fear change, run from change, hide from change, resist change, causing themselves deep suffering. Change is FOR you not against you. Find out Why, How, When, let’s embrace change and be Courageous Creators within the opportunity that our changes offer us. The best is to take this journey with a professional Coach focused on YOU, and YOUR opportunity. Life Coach Lynda absolutely loves this journey with her clients, and is excited to take the journey with you.

For more information and to set up a clarity call, contact Life Coach Lynda at (you are welcome to call on +27824985478 (or be bold buy a session on our collective online store and commit)

Please contact Lynda via email to start changing your life from the inside out.

Thank you