Virtual Retreat

With “Life Coach Lynda”.

Passionate and focused on whole body whole life, coaching and companion support.

What is a “Virtual Retreat”? It is a period of time between 3-10 days or so where you are professionally supported, guided, and encouraged in the comfort of your own home, to “with assistance” identify your pit fall and habits that are keeping you stuck in a life that is not fulfilling, lacking clarity, joy, and freedom, which ultimately will impact your health and wellbeing.

I know there are so many people who would love this support, in the comfort of their own home (or maybe it is not so comfortable). To go on an extended “away” retreat that is very costly is oft6en out of the reach of those sincerely wanting to create change in their lives.

Personally I believe if you are committed and professionally supported, YOUR HOME can be the ideal space to identify and process the stuff in your way of yourself. The ideal space to make your way through it and find new path ways to take into where you long to be.

I have witnessed many people pay BIG money for retreats, come home and change nothing. Because the retreat was SO distractingly comfortable and luxurious that the deepest impact necessary was lost.

If you can carve out space and time IN YOUR LIFE AND HOME consciously, which may be quite uncomfortable, follow through, and complete your retreat, CHANGE HAS HAPPENED!